Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation

Ellerman Enzinna Levy attorneys have represented individuals and corporations in civil litigation across the United States and around the world, in matters raising claims of breach of contract, securities fraud, employment discrimination, and other unique, highly complex matters. 

Representative Matters

  • Represented marine engineering firm in multi million dollar breach of contract trial brought by governmental entity concerning failure of barges in connection with river-borne laser light show.
  • Represented media company/retailer in racial discrimination case. 
  • Represented public broadcaster in several employment discrimination cases,
  • Represented insurer in coverage action. 
  • Represented businessmen in appeal of $22 million civil tort judgment.
  • Represented luxury furniture importer in trademark infringement litigation.
  • Representation of plaintiff’s attorney, in class action alleging racial discrimination and FLSA violations, against defendant’s motion to disqualify counsel.
  • Represented defendants in trial of grocery company’s claim for billions of dollars in damages allegedly arising from televised investigative report.
  • Represented President of major non-profit organization in defense of sexual harassment claims.
  • Represented national law firm in defense of sexual harassment claim.
  • Represented Iranian expatriate organization dedicated to replacement of current Iranian regime in seeking to overturn Secretary of State’s recurring designation of organization as a foreign terrorist organization. 

Ellerman Enzinna
is now
Ellerman Enzinna Levy

Ellerman Enzinna is pleased to announce that on February 1, 2022, Michael N. Levy has joined the firm as a partner.

The firm’s name is now Ellerman Enzinna Levy PLLC.